East Reading Railway

The East Reading Railway is a proposed replacement for the elevated busway, known as the East Reading Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) , which was rejected by planners at Wokingham District Council on 12 December 2018.


The East Reading Railway will be a standard gauge electric railway, using tube-size rolling stock, to connect Reading Railway Station with the park-and-ride site at Thames Valley Park and, in stage 2, with a new station in Lower Caversham.

Route stage 1

The train will start from Platform 15 at Reading Station and run down the existing slope towards the underpass.  Instead of turning right into the underpass, it will go straight on, into a new cutting parallel to Napier Road.  The cutting will lead to a tunnel under the River Kennet.  On the Wokingham side of the river, the train will emerge into another cutting which will lead to a station at the park-and-ride site at Thames Valley Park.


Route stage 2


A branch from the underground section will lead to a tunnel under the River Thames and a station in Lower Caversham.  This will provide fast access to Reading Station for residents of Lower Caversham.




Email:  errailway@gmx.co.uk



Island line trains on the Isle of Wight.  East Reading Railway intends to use similar trains.

Photos from Wikimedia Commons.



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