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Picture: Upton and Blewbury station sign preserved at Didcot Railway Centre



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Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway Revival (DNSRR) is a pressure group campaigning for the re-opening of the Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway (DNSR) as a main-line railway for both passengers and freight. Our aim is to convince Network Rail, the government and local authorities that this re-opening is both practical and desirable. Recent government approval for the re-opening part of the Oxford-Cambridge route as East-West Rail adds weight to our case. We expect the DNSR route to become “North-South Rail”.





We foresee re-opening in three stages. First, Didcot to Newbury; second, Newbury to Whitchurch; third, Whitchurch to Southampton. For the first two stages we plan to follow the existing route as far as possible, although some deviations may be necessary. South of Whitchurch, the route is still under discussion. Initially, it may be desirable to route trains from Whitchurch to Southampton on existing lines via Salisbury and Romsey.



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